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12:07 p.m. - 2006-11-27

Snow Day!

Winter has happened in Victoria!!

We rarely, if not never, get snow. And if we do – it’s generally just a skiff and gone within a day or two.

Not this time. It started yesterday morning and it still hasn’t stopped. Only two of us made it in to work this morning, and that’s only because we can walk to work. Otherwise, it is highly advised to stay home and off the streets.

The schools are all closed. The recreation centres are all closed. And the local transit bus system is not moving.

It kind of makes me laugh because Victoria just doesn’t know how to handle itself in these conditions. If this kind of snow happened anywhere else in Canada – life would continue as normal. But here - - here in Victoria – we completely shut down.

T and I measured the snow in front of the house this morning and there was roughly 9 inches.

Here is me getting ready for a walk to return our CD rentals yesterday:

ready for a snow walk

Me and my friends “Snake Left” and “Snake Right”. Fine companions for a walk on a blustery, snowy day - a Christmas gift from my niece last year.

heavy laden

The trees are so heavily laden with cold, wet snow that many of the branches are breaking off from the weight.

I’m am not a big fan of snow. I grew up in it and that’s good enough for me, but I must admit – there is much beauty in all this whiteness. And the colour of the sky at night and at dusk is amazing.

Well …… I’m off for the long (50 feet) trudge home for lunch. I may not even come back to work today – we’ll see.

Happy Snow Day where ever you are!

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