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5:17 p.m. - 2006-11-22

Confession of a knitter

So I finished knitting my sweater (all except the buttons).

I am not pleased.

Does anyone know of someone who would like a nice green, freshly knit, box sweater?
This person would have to be less that 52, and probably weigh in over 235 . But thats the dimensions my sweater ended up suiting.

My sweater:
(please not 12 metal ruler along bottom)

Sweater gone wrong

This is what it looks like from the magazine:

Ideal ending

Its simply not fair. I have the hardest time trying to gauge the size of my project while Im knitting it. Youd think Id learn. I have several other sweaters in my closet to prove my point.

My problem is I dont know how to knit any differently. Should I knit a smaller pattern size? Should I use smaller needles? What gives? I want to start another project, but now Im afraid. I dont mind knitting for other people, but not when the project is designed for me to start with.

Are there any knitters out there? Can anyone help me?

Im serious if you know of someone who could wear this sweater I will gladly send it to you. Just say the word its yours!

Maybe I should just stick to scarves ....

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