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11:56 a.m. - 2006-11-21

I tell a secret

I have a secret confession ….

I, Mugwhump of Diaryland, am a magazine and catalogue junkie!

I absolutely LOVE magazines and catalogues. I’m a tad discerning in my acquisition and viewing pleasures. And I most certainly draw the line with pornography – never in my house. But give me a magazine with big, glossy, well photographed pictures and you’ve lost me for hours. I’ll even ask to take my Doctor’s waiting room tabloid with me to the inner sanctum examination room. (You often wait up to 10 minutes). I can never get enough of those multiple years old, out of date “Good Housekeeping”, “Us”, or “Glamour”. None of which I would actually purchase.

I even ascribe catalogues of tools. I regularly receive the Lee Valley Tools catalogues. It brings particular pleasure to get the yearly Christmas gift catalogue. I get my best Christmas gift ideas from this little gem.

I am hard pressed to go through the grocery store check-out line without finding that familiar desire overcome me. The need to touch, to feel, to linger amongst the annual, bi-weekly, bi-monthlies ….

Even perusing a TV Guide gives me a boost.

Thankfully, with the exception of any paper crafting or knitting digests, I recycle them all at the end of their term. There does come the day when I must push aside the staple or glue bound missives, and move forward to my next lustrous procuration.

I emphatically state I will not be one of those people who can no longer find room in their garage due to the complete collection of 1950 – 2000 National Geographic magazines. Or at least, I give you permission to have stern words with me if I ever get to that point. That extremism is just not me.

I live magazines, and I loath the day they no longer print paper, and everything is posted online. I just got notice yesterday that that is what they are doing to TV Guide. Cheap B*****d’s! Who the heck is going to check the internet to find out what’s on TV?

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