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1:33 p.m. - 2006-11-17

Nuts are Us

In a nutshell:

My long weekend was lovely. Low keyed, lots of down time with the exception of Sunday which was our church’s AGM (Annual General Meeting). Praise the Lord - we survived!!! It’s about this time of year that we pray for Christ’s second coming. He did not come, but the congregation passed everything anyway.

My week – although shorter – has been busy (clean up after AGM).

My Friday required a lunch visit to McDonald’s. Something I am loath to admit, but confession is good for the soul.

My weekend coming – low steam ahead. The weather has not been kind, and is said to continue in its wet, soggy, windy state. That’s ok because the fridge is full, and the fireplace log bin fuller!

All in all I wish I had more delightfully, light hearted, comical, witticism’s to share – but I don’t.

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