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3:02 p.m. - 2006-11-10

Friday's and Felines

Here we are at Friday again - AND a long weekend! Yay!

Thank you to those who left me there thoughts regarding yesterday’s entry. It was a question that came up at our Bible study and it really got me to thinking. The conclusion that I came to, and you commenter’s as well, was that basically – lack of trust does not reflect a lack of forgiveness. It is our wisdom that says a person needs to gain our trust back once a wrong has been committed. That sounds good to me.

This question came out of a much deeper situation (not involving me), but I will not go into it. It did, however, trigger much thought in me regarding my own giving of ‘forgiveness’ and lack of trust with particular persons in my life. And I thank you for allowing me to ruminate on it here.

Now …… on to a lighter note on a icky, wet, overcast, windy, icky, wet Friday afternoon. I must admit – I’m in the hopes that this is the conditions of the weather for the remainder of the weekend. Although, a little bit of sun that would allow for a nice fall walk with my camera would be nice.

Speaking of camera opportunities ……

snug as a bug sepia



This is Stinky Pete, our stray visitor. He comes by almost every day around 5 o’clock. He waits at our living room window for us to let him in. He’ll then make a bee-line to the kitchen for some kitty crunchies, then back to the living room to ‘his’ chair. Too cute!! Doesn’t he look like he’s totally at home and trusting us? After about an hour or so, he awakens from his slumber and asks to be let out again. The weather has been so horrible I hate letting him go, but he knows what he’s up against far better than we. But I still worry about him.

Our house cat “Digit” on the other hand ….

spooky kitty 2

….. waits in the dark, down the hall, until she feels comfortable enough to join us in the living room.

Do not fear – we constantly reassure her that she still remains our #1 cat and that will never change. The two of them never show aggression towards each other. Digit seems intent on smelling Pete’s butt, but he just runs away from her. It’s times like this that I find it hard to believe he’s the neighbourhood “top Tom”.

I know ….. I know …… “The cat lady is ranting on about her cats again. Will she ever stop?!”


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