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3:16 p.m. - 2006-10-24

Absolutley No Socks!

I have come to believe that the spirit of my recently deceased mother has descended upon me. After many years of not knitting, Iíve begin to put needles to yarn once again. My mother was an infamous knitter. Something are quite nice, and I proudly dispaly the blanket on my spare bed. Some - like a certain multi-multi coloured sweater .... no so much.

When we were cleaning out her apartment I eyed her wonderful knitting basket full of rich, wonderfully textured wools and yard. I made sure that no else wanted it, and happily added it to my pile o'stuff. I haven't looked into the collection since bringing it home, but just a week ago I thought I'd do a more thorough investigation. That was it - game over ...

Oh, it started out innocently enough. Lets see if I can make one of those fancy knitted kitchen wash cloths. .... well .... Lets see if I can do another one, only actually have it resemble a kitchen cloth.

No, uh, no such like .... well then ... how about a scarf ...

Mmmmmmm ..... this is coming along fine. It looks like the beginnings of a scarf. It has a slight pattern that I can actually identify and doesnít just look like random holes throughout my work. Yes, itís a good thing.

What flaxen thread can I bend my will to next? What mountain of milled madness can I conquer?

That said Ė I draw the line at socks. I will not knit socks.

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