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4:28 p.m. - 2006-10-13

Lights Out

My workplace is a haven to me.

My Mother-in-law was finally discharged from hospital yesterday afternoon, but is not yet ready to travel the 2 hour trip back up to Nanaimo. This means that we have both my In-laws staying with us.

Can you guess what time “lights-out” was for us last night?

NINE FREAKIN’ PM!!!! And that was only after 45 minutes of very strong suggestive remarks from my mother-in-law.

My Father-in-law is sleeping in our spare room, which is also my craft room and spare TV room. My Mother-in-law is sleeping on our couch in the living room – also our (main) TV room. We couldn’t put her in our bed because 1) we wouldn’t have a place for us to sleep, 2) her walker wouldn’t fit in our bedroom.

Where do adults go when in their own home and it’s only 9pm? I tried to read in bed, but just wasn’t ready to lie down. T locked himself away in his office and spent time on the computer. It was not fun. We were not happy. Nine o’clock bedtime is too early for people who just want to unwind in their home after a long day at work.

I’ve decided that 9pm on a Friday night is strictly against the law, so I will be going out tonight. I’m not sure where, and I’m not sure what, but I will be out of the house tonight. I absolutely refuse to go to bed by 9pm on a Friday night. I tried to convince T to come with me, but he feels he can’t leave his parent(s) alone. I’m not sure why – probably because they’ve been alone all day, but I simply cannot do it. I will go stark raving mad if I tried.

Does this make me a bad daughter-in-law?

On the upside – they will be going (Lord willing) home tomorrow, and we can begin to get back to normal – whatever the new ‘normal’ is.

Happy Friday to you all. When Friday gets tough – the tough go shopping!

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