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3:30 p.m. - 2006-10-05

Time Waits for No Man ... or Woman

Life just never seems to slow down. Right when you think you can take a breath Ö. something steals it away and youíre left somewhat gasping again.

This week Iím beginning to feel like things are falling back into their place of order. Iím still perpetually exhausted, but given the emotional roller-coaster of late Ė Iím not surprised. I am thankful Iím sleeping better; I just wish I had more opportunities. Isnít that always the way.

This week, my mother-in-law had major back surgery, which means that we have my father-in-law staying with us. He spends his daytime at the hospital, but comes home for meals and sleeping. And of course all three of us truck off to the hospital at night to visit mom. Which weíre happy to do.

These folks are a huge blessing to me, but Iíd like my house back.

This is the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend coming up. I can hardly believe it. I find myself, once again, SOOOO looking forward to a three day weekend. Weíre not sure when Mom will be discharged, and they will both stay with us that night before they head off to their home in Nanaimo.

On (holiday) Monday we will have guests for BBQ turkey dinner. (Yum, yum). With my entire phone calling to friends and relatives regarding my momís passing, I came across a cousin who just so happen will be in Victoria for a marathon on the weekend. They live in Alberta. I havenít seen this cousin in almost 30 years. This should be interesting. Weíve invited them (she and her husband of 20+ years) to join us for dinner. So all in all I may very well be ready for a real holiday by next week.

But as the Bruce Coburn song goes ďThe trouble with normal is it always gets worse.Ē Words Iíve quoted on many occasions.

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