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11:26 a.m. - 2006-09-30

Re-adjusting to life again

I've updated Flickr (see below left hand corner) with my pictures from our recent trip to Alberta. The weather was gorgeous the entire week. Which is good given the reason for our travels.

This last week has been a hard adjustment back into regular life and routine. And yet within that your crave the return, but have a hard time adjusting. For me, a lot has to do with getting enough rest. There just never seems to be enough sleeping, or feeling rested after sleeping. I know this will all work itself out.

I was incredibly thankful that today was Saturday and I could sleep in. YAY!! Now, if only I could work on my weird dream life. This morning it was all about having to get out of town because the world was going to be taken over by basically a giant hot springs and scald everyone to death. I couldn't figure out what to pack, yet I was completely calm at the realization that I would have to leave my wonderful cat Digit behind. On top of that, my roommate was an ex-landladies husband and we lived in an apartment building. I don't do apartments. He calmly explained to me that "Gordy" was the only person who could get us out of the perdicament, but we had to hurry.

I have no idea who Gordy is, and what his master plan was. Although, something about sailing away in a Hindenburg type air ship was in the back of my mind.

Oh to have the ability to properly decifer dreams ... but then again some dreams are just silly pictures running through your heads when we have the least control.

Have a wonderful Saturday, and don't do anything I would. :-)

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