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4:40 p.m. - 2006-09-26

Nuts and trees

Usually I start these entries with “where did my week go … ?”. Well, this time its “Where did September go????!!!!” What a blurr.

There is too much to cover here in one entry. I have so many thoughts that I wanted to share. I will at least start the events out. Last week went as well as could be expected. T and I drove to Jasper on Saturday – a 12 hour drive. We caught the first ferry off the island which leaves at 7am. Not a pretty hour for anyone.

I know that I alluded to my mother’s eccentricities on occasion, and whenever I’ve shared a memory with someone about her it is generally accompanied by a chortle of sorts. I know what your thinking “that’s not very nice”, but you’ve got to understand - most of the time my mother set herself up for these giggles from others. She may not have known it, but that’s life. She was a 6 year old in an adult’s body, and lived for the attention that garnered. She lived large and capricious!

During the hour and a half ferry ride I had a brief stint in the ladies loo. I was just washing up, and thinking about my mom when my attention was caught in the mirror …

There before me was a reflection of a 40 year younger version of my mother. Spongebob T-shirt, Spongebob socks (although these could not be seen at that moment), added with the nice rings and jewellery that I like to wear.

I thought about my Spongebob collection. My earings with peas on one side and a carrot on the other. My love of video games. My enjoyment of Saturday morning cartoons. The list went on ...

I was my Mother’s daughter.

This nut had not fallen far from the tree.

And I belted out a huge laugh, as I stood alone in the ferry’s bathroom. No matter how hard you try – there will always be vestiges of your parents that stick with.

Since then my husband has assured me that although I have some quirks that are much like my mother – I am nothing like her. I am my own individual – and it’s all good.

More tales of travels and requiems to come.

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