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2:46 p.m. - 2006-09-14

Celebrations on many levels

Today is my hubby’s and my 4th Wedding anniversary.

I can hardly believe it. Four years!!! To think – five years ago right now I was thinking “hey! I really like this guy T … I wonder …..”

Wonder No More!

We’re planning on going out to dinner at the Keg (we have a give card), and then a quiet evening at home with the Season Premiere of “Survivor: Cook Islands”.

We splurged last month on new bedding - and LOVING IT!!! Exchanging gifts of any kind were thrown out the window when we tantalized ourselves so much then. Thankfully, the new bedding falls under the – 4th Anniversary – Linen gifts – theme. Dinner will be nice because we so rarely go out anymore.

T and I will be heading out on Saturday to go to Alberta for my Mom’s memorials. I’m posting her obituary here as a tribute. My Mom We had our rough spots in life, but the base line is – she was my mom – good and bad. I may not have agreed with the ways that she raised me, but she did the best job she knew how or was given the tools to live life with.

This picture captures some of her crazy A$$ spunk. Sometimes she made me laugh, but most of the time I said “WTF” (to myself) and shake my head. She was the only Mom I had.
P.S. The picture is not coming through, but I found that if you click on it Flickr will load it. I hope you can see it. :-)

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