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3:25 p.m. - 2006-09-13

Today's Angel

My week is buzzing by so quickly. On Saturday my husband and I will leave to go to Alberta for my Moms services. This drive will take around 12 hours, lots of time to think.

I find that as Saturday approaches I am becoming a little more anxious regarding what next week holds. And even as I write that I know Im not to be anxious for the Lord is with me .

Still its a long drive with mixed emotions attached all around.

Never-the-less, in the midst of all that as well as getting extra work handled before I go, there was a beautiful bright spot.

This morning I had to call one of our volunteers to ask them a question about a form they filled out. Not 5 minutes after speaking to her my phone rang and it was her 10 year old son Cuba.

LJ he says, I just want you to know that Im praying for you because of the loss of your mum.

Sweeter words I could not possibly have heard today.

He had not been prompted. He was not coerced. God knew that I needed a little angel today, and Cuba made the call.

Simple blessings in a complex world.

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