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9:58 a.m. - 2006-08-09

Back to the grind

I survived my first day back to work.

Now Ö. Iím absolutely exhausted, and donít have the mental capacity to write.

It was a busy day too! As are most 1st days after holidays, but I came back to a day involving a funeral. These are always events that cause a little extra havoc, but a lovely memorial none-the-less. He was 89 Ö it was expected.

Anyway Ö I digress Ö Holidays Ö. Where do I begin? As youíll see from my Flickr update we did a little of this, and a little of that. But a whole lot of nothiní! And that was good, much needed, and now I really am ready to get back to work.

Truly, truly, truly - it was nice not to rush off to a particular destination. Or at least I really enjoyed the fact that we didnít jump on a motorcycle and live a vagabond life for two weeks.

I had a very difficult time of slowing down the first week off. I just couldnít turn my brain off or even down. And when I thought it would be nice to laze around on our back deck Ė what was I faced with looking at - my work place, which only served to make it all the harder to slow down. I did a lot of shopping.

The middle weekend of the two weeks we did go up to Nanaimo to visit the in-laws. After three days Ö I was more ready than you know to high tail it back to my own bed. They have the worst, most uncomfortable, smallest double hide-a-bed couch I have ever had the misfortune to sleep (Sleep - HA!) on. And to add insult to injury Ė they donít own a couch, I didnít have an alternate choice of bedding. They have a recliner and a love seat in their living room. Iím only 5í2Ē and that was more than the little love seat could handle. I thought it might be a refuge from the hide-a-bed Ö but it wasnít.

However, that said, we did have a lovely visit to the west coast of the island. (See our pictures.) We had lunch in Uclulet, and a nice sun in on the windy beach of Long Beach. B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!! This we did without the in-laws. This was a mini-road trip on the bike, no extra room. Much to the chagrin of my mother-in-law.


Day 2 post holiday. I had to go home and lay down for a wee nap yesterday, and I left you hanging Ė sorta.

Our visit to Long Beach was exactly what I needed. It was a beautiful day, albeit windy. The surf was quite high, and unfortunately their power and awesomeness could not be captured by my little camera. The best part about of hour and a half on the beach was the fantastic pedicure my feet received. Ya just canít pay enough for that kind of luxury. Soft, fine sand on the feet can do wonders to the rough heels created over summer foot wear. Loved it.

We came back to Victoria the next day, and I was very thankful for my own bed. I was also fighting hard not to think about going back to work the next week.

We did a day trip to Pender Island on Saturday, and had another grand time was had. Pender is one of my all time favourite of the Gulf Island Ė mostly because my best girl lives there. (Thatís her dog Blue in one of the pictures youíll see on Flickr.)

And thatís pretty much it. Holidays over for another year - nothing to write home about really, but pretty much what we needed to do. No funny stories, no torrid tales of adventure and romance just a whole lot of down time, fluff books, and hot weather.

So, hopefully Iíll get back into the swing of things here (D-land) again. Who knows what around the next writing corner Ö?

Blessings - LJ

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