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8:43 p.m. - 2006-07-27

Not much of anything really

I think I'm finally slowing down. It's been a tough week. Me always wanting to go go go. T always wanting to stay stay stay.

That is until ... today. Today, I vowed that I would not leave my lounge chair or yard. I managed somewhat, but still struggled a little. I tried to sleep, but a well meaning husband and a busy street kept me from my zzzee's. It's all ok. We both have been managing to sleep better at night. That's huge.

I have updated my Flickr page. Some observations while I've been home, and some of the amazing lilies that are blooming their hearts out at the front of the house.

We'll be heading up-island to Nanaimo on the weekend. We'll stay at my in-laws and do day trips from their place. Head west and check out Long Beach and Tofino. If you've never been to the west coast of Vancouver Island, it's really a 'must see' for your adventures. It's gorgeous, and the sandy beaches are dreamy west coast! I can't wait.

That's pretty much it. I'm making time to do some crafting, and plugging my way through some frothy books (finished "Artemis Fowl #2", and am presently enjoying "The Devil Wore Prada").

That's it! Really!

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