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11:56 a.m. - 2006-07-21

Mr. Big, Masked Vandals, and Holidays

The husband took the news of the giant hole in the screen very well. I had assumed that he would stomp off vowing to find a shot gun for the next sighting of our new feline friend, but he didn’t. In fact, although he wasn’t pleased, he merely said that it would be an easy repair.

Today, however, there are rants of “buck-shot in the butt”, and “show him who’s boss”, but for the most part its all fluff. T recognizes that Mr. Big is just a very hungry cat who knows where the food is kept. You really can’t blame the stray. The bottom line is that I know my husband is just trying to push my buttons – he does it very well – he installed them.

It is unfortunate that now we have to keep all accessible windows shut during the day when were not at home, and at night when we’re asleep. I say – let him in when he wants to come in. So what? But T thinks otherwise – just yet.

I’m not sure that Mr. Big could adapt to being a one home (in-house) cat just yet. He’s been roaming the streets for some time and is used to a great degree of freedom.

I did get to thinking of him and his ‘freedom’ last night. Yesterday was an extremely warm summer day (for Victoria), and the house air was very close so I thought I would sit out on our back deck and read in the cool night air. Digit, our existing house cat, came out to join me. We had both begun to settle in when we heard a rustling in the tree at the back corner of the yard. She, not being a good guard cat – but being watchful and alert never-the-less, heard the noises in the tree and started to investigate. At first I thought it might be Mr. Big, but then I realized that the sound was emanating from high up in the tree, and my brain wattage flashed. It was a racoon coming down to start his day.

Sure enough, cute as the dickens, the creature makes a bee-line to our deck. I shushed Digit inside, and waited to see what our visitor would do. He went directly to the spot that I’ve been putting Mr. Big’s food.

This situation had crossed my mind early in the history of the decision to feed Mr. Big. I had always tried to remember to bring any uneaten food in at night. Seeing the little masked fellow so boldly walk up on our deck and directly to the food dish area (I know I forgot one night to bring in food – hence starting a very dangerous precedent in the neighbourhood) my hearts strings got yanked once more at the thought of the perils Mr. Big must face every day (and night).

Where does he sleep at night? Where does he go when it rains? If it weren’t for us feeding him – what would he eat?

All this to say - can you tell that this entire situation is consuming my world? Are you tired of hearing about the continued adventures of Mr. Big and Mugwhump? I KNOW that nothing will be resolved until the fall when the weather turns, and something will need to be done. I suppose I keep hoping that ‘someone else’ will adopt him. That ‘someone else’ will take him under their wing. Isn’t that just like society? We’re always looking for “someone else” to take care of stuff.

I digress … and I change the subject.

I am mere hours away from starting vacation and I couldn’t be happier about it. We have no plans. Well actually – I have plans to read many books, and regain some desperately needed sleep, and get my hair cut. But I won’t be doing this!

However, because we have no specific plans I will probably still be checking in here – unlike previous vacations times. I certainly hope that my creative writing juices flow again. This going on and on about a stray cat must be getting exceedingly boring.

Cheers and a very happy Friday to you all!

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