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2:41 p.m. - 2006-07-10

Mini-Golf all around!

I ended the week on a poor note. Both Thursday and Friday I battled the dreaded migraine. I wish I knew the true cause behind the occurrences. However, Saturday morning I woke up with the knowledge that it was ‘D’ day. My Vimy Ridge was here. I had a date with two of my Crosswalk Grade 5 girls to go Mini-Golfing to celebrate their graduation from Elementary School into Middle School. Would I survive?

We had a blast!

It’s easy when the people you hang out with are fun to be with. And if nothing else from this last year – I will remember how much these two in particular made me laugh. I often laughed so hard I cried. Which, of course, only fuelled their fires to make me laugh harder.

So, in fact, I had looked forward to my date with the two beauties.

I’ve updated my Flickr page, but only two the one trio picture on Saturday. On Sunday T and I had a date with a five year old as a belated birthday gift. This is a friend’s son, and we’ve always enjoyed spending time with the family. “S” turned 5 in early June, and neither my hubby nor I knew what a five year old was into. I hit upon the idea of making a coupon for him that would entitle him to an outing of his choice, with T and me, with his parent’s permission. Much to my surprise – he thought that was pretty cool.

So we took him Mini-golfing, and after my previous days experience with young’ns and mini-golfing – we were ready for it. No rules, limited attention span, and most sentences starting out with “can I have ….” After mini-golfing it was off to Dairy Queen where I was surprised at his lack of wanting everything on the menu. He settled for a Dilly bar. Talk about a cheap date.

After Dairy Queen we decided on a little extra (unplanned) adventure and headed down to our local petting zoo. I took a number of pictures here, and you’ll find them on my Flickr page. S really enjoyed this portion of the day. What is it about kids and kids? Not to forget the bird house, the Korean pot belly pigs, the sheep, the peacocks, roosters, guinea pigs, etc., etc., etc.

At the end of the day, I’m not sure who was more tired T or S, or even me.

It was a good – full – weekend. And I think it safe to say that all parties concerned had a good time.


Regarding “Mr. Big” (who’s whiskers also grace my Flickr page now) – we have made no decision. It probably won’t come to a head until the weather turns less than kind, and my poor cat lovin’ heart can’t bear the thought of him outside all night. We’ll see.

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