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3:00 p.m. - 2006-06-26

This, that, and the other thing

I see I left last week on a rather down note. No question about it it was a tough week.

But here we are at Monday and, although my sleeping patterns havent changed, Im feeling a lot more positive. I really need a vacation. That is the truth. Im tired and I need a break. Coming soon to a calendar near you!


Last week I had an unusual new/old experience. Ive been on many job interviews in my day, but Ive never been the one doing the interviews Last week I was one of 4 on a panel as we started interviewing for the receptionist position available here at the church. My one and only experience of being interview by four people was completely intimidating, so I know how the ladies felt that we set through there paces.

Well actually it may not have been that bad for the ladies. Four smiling faces, one of which was talkative Pastor (about everything but the specifics of the job) nothing but smooth sailing. Wouldnt you say?

One lady took it like a trooper. She seemed completely at home and ready to rumble. The other lady not so much. She sat there with her arms crossed the entire time, and wouldnt respond with question, nor would she ask any. Very odd, if you ask me.

We have one more lady to interview tomorrow. Shes already a known commodity to the church, and were down one interviewer (Pastor is away on holidays). So Im thinking its going to go pretty smoothly. I already have a good idea of who Id like to see hired, but well wait it out and see what God would like to happen.


On Friday night I had a short, but timely and uplifting, telephone conversation with Ms. Catie-dids. Thank you Catie, Im glad we finally connected. I am looking forward to more lengthy conversations soon.

Also I received a lovely e-mail from Claire Bug. Thank you Claire, once again you had many wise words to share. Ill have a response soon.

Blessings - LJ

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