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3:06 p.m. - 2006-06-20

Random brain farts

Our church office receptionist (Joan) has taken an early semi-retirement after over 14 years here. Iíve been around for almost 8 years, so the last couple of weeks have felt very odd.

Yesterday (her first official day not here) hit me like a ton of bricks. I realized that I am now third on the longevity/seniority/been around the longest list. I realized that I am now thought of as the new ďJoanĒ (although, not in so many words). Iím now the one who is supposed to know all the who Ö what Ö. and whereís of this place.

Iím too young to know all that!!!

And yet Ö. I am so ready for the Ďneedí of it. Thatís the bottom line, isnít it? We all need to be needed. Well Ė Iím Ďneededí now. Thatís for sure.

But donít get me wrong. I certainly know the difference between being needed and being replaceable. I am definitely replaceable.

Oh, but how I am all over the place in this entry. Iím not having the easiest time of collecting my thoughts today.

But then again Ė itís my diary.

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