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8:41 p.m. - 2006-06-16

Summer .... yet?

I canít believe its Friday already. The adage that time goes fast the older you get is quite true. And let us not forget the other old adage Ė Youth is wasted on the young. But thatís a story for another day.

The barometric pressure in these parts has been causing a lot of discomfort for many of my migraine suffering friends - myself included. Today is the first day all week that I have not resorted to some kind of pain killer Ė Tylen0l Ö. Sinus tablets Ö. or my actual migraine prescription. Praise God!

Speaking of the weather Ė is summer ever going to get here? I realize that we live in the paradise of Canada Ė fall/spring for 8 months of the year, and summer for 4 months of the year Ė but even that break down means weíre a couple of weeks out of whack! What gives? I keep hearing rumours that this summer is going to be a doozie. Itís gonna be a scorcher! Ö Iím still waiting. Itís June 16th and there hasnít been a whole lot of sun yet. Oh, little snippets of the bright orb in the sky, but usually very quickly being overcome by moody grey clouds sometimes containing wetness.

Summer, oh summer Ė my kingdom for summer.

(Good thing I donít own a kingdom. Ya gotta be careful what you ask for.)

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