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9:23 a.m. - 2006-06-14

Slumbering Time Travel

More weird dreaming ….

In my mind I knew it was 2006, but in my dream I was visiting an Architects office I once worked for. What my mind told me was that I had time warped back to 1992, just prior to my hire. I had the then existing staff gathered around me. I was telling them what things lay in their futures, yet striving to be diplomatic and not act like I was God. In fact, at one point I was on the brink of explaining to one of the architects that his son would be diagnosed with cancer, and for several months he would live on a tenuous line between life and death. I held my tongue. I did not want to change what was already designed to happen, or influence the outcome.

Others I told of the minor victories that they would have in their lives and families. Yet another I held back from speaking of the affair he would have that would be the end of a marriage, and the complete destruction of a wife’s already tentative self-esteem.

In my head I marvelled at the people that sat around me. My knowing so much about them, and even after many years since working with them how much I still thought of wondered where their lives were now. Yet they knew me not.... but would soon for a while.

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