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1:18 p.m. - 2006-05-31

Contentment . . . ?

Concise Oxford Dictionary:
ContentAdj – In a state of peaceful happiness or satisfaction. Satisfy (content with oneself). Accept as adequate despite wanting more or better.

Or the online Dictionary I use reads (second definition)

How do I find contentment? If its there before me and I need only to reach out and grasp it, why can’t I see it?

Is it my human failings, or selfishness that stops me from living in contentment? Then load up the moving van honey. I want to live there!

But it eludes me. It feels like I’m ‘settling’ if I accept contentment as I understand it in my life today. I don’t think settling is the answer either. Settling will only come back to haunt me later, and there I’ll be discontent all over again – back to seeking contentment.

The area that (I feel) robs me of contentment may very well be the figurative “thorn in my side” that the Apostle Paul speaks of in the New Testament. We never find out exactly what Paul’s figurative thorn was, but this is a man who constantly pressed on in the face of great adversity: shipwreck, imprisonment, persecution – to name a few.

Yet even in adversity Paul seemed content …. or was he?

Is looking for contentment not what God wants? Is it just a lure to taking our eyes off of our troubles (albeit momentarily).

I suppose it boils down to - being content means making a choice to be satisfied.

These are the things I ponder in my quiet time with the Lord this morning. We’ll see what he’s got to say about it.

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