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4:23 p.m. - 2006-05-25

Cubicles and wasting time

Wow!! I never knew that my little cubicle could feel so good!

Yesterday was my first day back into it, and the entire day seemed out of sorts. You know the kid of day that feels fractured, inadequate, and you simply canít get a single task completed Ö. that was what my day was like yesterday.

Today is much better. Iíve completed and ticked off (Iím a list kind of person) a number of nagging things. I still have a few more, but itís all good!


On other news Ö
- We are enjoying the new TV, but it still feels a little ostentatious.

- Iím having a ďinsecure feelingĒ week. Maybe itís hormonal.

- Two months from yesterday Ė Iíll be on holidays. Yippy!

- Two months and a couple of days Ė Iíll be in Winnipeg Ö. not sure how I feel about that.

- Is summer ever going to get here?

- Is my lawn ever going to be lushes enough to walk barefoot across?

- Is writing a normal entry every going to happen again?

Youíll just have to stay tuned to find out.

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