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3:30 p.m. - 2006-05-19

Over the top silliness

I don’t know whether we’ve hit the high life, or begun to take the road to total complete depravity.

We bough a new TV, and you know what a fan of TV I am.

My husband came home one day last week and told me they’d been very kind to him at work, after the completion of a major contract. So kind, that we momentarily entertained the thought of purchasing a new television. We would just ‘look’ and see what’s out there, and talk about it a little more.

Saturday morning dawned bright and off to do some price comparison … and ‘think’ about buying a new TV. Thirty minutes later we walk out having purchased a brand new 41 inch plasma. . . .

We weren’t able to pick it up until yesterday, and as I suspected my husband took diligent care in its every function and set up. He was trying each and every setting available … slowly … methodically … and to the detriment of his wife’s patience. Alas, these are the things I have to bear. :-)

Once the settling began, and our regular evening television viewing began we often caught ourselves being overwhelmed with the enormity of the screen.

For any of you CSI Los Vegas fans, you know the beginning intro’s where they show you a number of medical type things – a bullet ripping through flesh, a hammer coming down on a dummy’s head to show impact - - well all of that stuff was twice a huge and twice as nasty.

But boy will big screen movies look awesome. Not to mention Spongebob!!

I promise we’ll be responsible with future purchase … or lack thereof.

Have an excellent long weekend!! You’ll know where to find us.

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