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3:23 p.m. - 2006-05-09

Stuff and Nonsense

I’ve started wearing two hats at work. Or to be more specific – for this week and next while our office receptionist is away on holidays. I’m ‘auditing’ her job, as well as trying to accomplish my own. Thankfully, I’m proving that her job is not as big a job as she would lead to you believe. Either that or I’m a far better multi-tasker than I originally thought.

That being said, I am not having any fun bouncing back between her up front reception desk and my way back off to the side-lines cubicle.

“It’s only for two weeks …. It’s only for two weeks.” That’s my mantra.

Also – blessedly – my boss is out of town for part of this week, so my running hither, thither and yon is well compartmentalized.

On a sad front – tonight is the season finale for “Gilmore Girls”. What’s a faithful watcher to do for the next 4 months? Get a life I suppose.

Alas, it is that time of year for all our favourite TV show to come to their painful, often cliff-hanging ends. But I won’t go on about my television viewing weaknesses today.

I must get back to doing my double duty.

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