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12:08 p.m. - 2006-04-28

Spring is definitely here!

Once again, I find myself at a Friday, and incredibly thankful that the weekend is mere hours away. I had a horrid time getting up this morning, but not as much as my husband who I allowed to sleep in an extra 45 minutes.

Have you ever heard the expression ďSometimes I wake up grumpy. Sometimes I let him sleep.Ē That definitely applies to this household.

Heís been burning the candle at both ends over the last several months, and itís beginning to really show. I hope that the end is in sight, because this canít go on.

We are looking forward to a relaxed weekend. I would not be surprised if Tís motorcycle doesnít come out of hibernation. T is almost 6 weeks behind his usual schedule of embracing spring on two wheels, but his work had taken precedence Ė until now.

Personally Ė I donít mind the rides around town, or a day trip on the bike up-island. But heís already talking about a trip to Winnipeg this summer to see his 91 year old Grandmother. And Iím already getting knots in my stomach. The long haulís are a killer, and T is not one to stop and do the occasional and sight-seeing. Heís a straight through, ride till you drop kind of motorcyclist.

I on the other hand am a Ė find me a long dock, on a quiet lake, with a stack of books, kind of girl.

Can you see the problem we have here? Did anyone read our last years adventures? You can read , here, here, here, and finally here!

I do enjoy spending time with my husband Ö really! And I do enjoy the occasional road trip Ė but NOT EVER HOLIDAY!!! There not even relaxing, not even for T. Isnít that what holidayís are supposed to be for? Relaxing, doing something you really like, relaxing, and more relaxing Ė did I say Ė relaxing??

Itís all good. I will survive. And someday I may just get the holiday that I want and need. Iím not whining (much). Itís going to be a fantastic weekend, and Iím going to enjoy a ride on my honeyís motorcycle with my honey!!

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