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2:03 p.m. - 2006-04-26

The Buck Stops Here!

I believe that I’m living through a test of patience.

I’m not sure whether it’s a passing or failing grade either.

On one front I’ve been trying to make contact with the company that books the Provincial Park Campgrounds here on the island. I booked a group site for our youth group around 6 weeks ago, and paid the deposit. Then, around 4 weeks ago they change their minds on the dates (again) and want to move it to early June. Next day back to the office, I begin to try to re-connect with the booking agency and … no one answers the phone, and there was no answering machine. I try the next day …. the next day … and still the next day … nada, nothing … I even go back to try to find the website that I used to find the phone number to call. It had vanished, or what seemed too feel like.

This has gone one for the last three and a half weeks. I was beginning to get frantic as the wrong dates loomed and all I could see was my deposit going to naught. On Monday I had the brainwave to call the local (to the Camp Ground in question) Chamber of Commerce). They informed me that the Government has contracted out to a new company, and that company was “XYZ don’t call us, we’ll call you!”.

Actually the Chamber of Commerce lady was very sweet and even gave me a phone number, but after all the hassle I’ve been through, if just felt like another rabbit trail.

And once I got of the phone from her and started located the new company, I quickly realized that this rabbit trail was equally as frustrating. I even resorted to calling the Better Business Bureau.

Thankfully – today – we made contact, and our dates have successfully changed. Phewww!!!

Another area that my patience is being tested is in the arena of leaving my old position and moving into the new one. My ‘cubicle-sweet-cubicle’ has yet to be changed to the one that I need. This means I still sit directly outside of my previous supervisor’s office.

This would normal be fine, since she’s barely given me two seconds of her time in the last six months to a year – outside ‘fetching’ for her. Now – I’m in my fourth week in my new positions and I’ve been asked to fetch more often than the family dog, and she’s actually tried to show interest in my opinion and thoughts.

Then came this morning … Beside the door to her office is also a huge window that looks directly into my world. On Wednesday’s mornings she runs a small “Conversations In English” with a couple of (non English speaking) Korean ladies. On this particular morning at one point during time her with the ESL ladies her white board marker runs dry.

She taps on the window into my world and motions that she needs a new white board marker … and smiles.

This is where my patience fell over the crevice of sanity into the pit of “the buck stops here”.

I acknowledged her request, smiled back and found the markers, knock on her door, and pass them in. She, and one of the Korean ladies, says ‘thank you’. And I retreat.

When I sat back down in my cubicle again I began to mull over what just happened. I also began to realize just how pissed off I was. Normally I would just stuff it down, and go home and gripe to my husband (poor sod). But I have found, given my recent job shift that I have a new found empowerment. This was a situation (of many) that I was no longer going to tolerate. With a quick prayer asking for grace and the ability to speak in love I decide that I must face this event directly, but not without shaky knees and heart.

I did. And she apologized … repeatedly. I felt heard, understood and justified.

Please Lord, no more tests this week, my husband isn’t used to me being so feisty.

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