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11:52 a.m. - 2006-04-25

Green Grass Giddiness!

More excitement and less spontaneity …

We seeded our front lawn on the weekend!!!!!!!!!

Oh, I know what you’re thinking – “that can’t be all that exciting …” but you’re wrong! This means I may actually have a front lawn fit for laying on this summer. I may be able to slip off my shoes and dance in the moonlight without fear of stepping on a prickly weed.

Oh the giddiness my heart feels at that thought!

Well, maybe not the dancing, and maybe not the moonlight … but I’m sure going to enjoy a green weedless front lawn.

This is a project that we started last fall - hence the lack of spontaneity. We completely (tried) to kill anything that was growing…

Actually, as I read that you may not understand the history behind our killing spree.

The house we live in is owned by the church that we attend, and I work for, and few years ago just before my husband and I moved in, the house was rented to some other church staff. One fine day they decided that they would attempt to give new life to an old, tired, semi-deceased lawn after years of previous tenants neglect. They took off the entire top layer of topsoil (99% weeds), and unceremoniously dumped it (weeds and all) in the backyard. Prepped the newly shaved front yard for new turf, and went to the church to tell the facilities guy what they’d done and then asked for new turf to be bought (funded by the church).

Unfortunately for them – they did all that work without permission or forethought and were given an unflinching, resounding “No! We have no money to support such an endeavour.”

Dismayed … they walked away and left the lawn in its unclothed state, leading to a hotbed for all the weeds known to thrive in the local environment to call it home.

This is what we inherited six months to a year later.

Back to present time, after much discussion between my husband and myself we decided to take matters in our own hands and began to dismantle the empire of Weeddom! Out of the goodness of our hearts and wallets, love for our church, and a “gift in kind tax donation receipt”.

The grass seed package assured us we would see results in 10 days. It’s been three, and we swear we can see hints of the new growth appearing after each showering of water in the eveing.

So I look forward to seeing the blades of our labour, and feel the soft tufts of green on my unclad feet this summer. We hope. If this isn’t that case, I will seriously be reconsidering my green thumb attempts in the future.

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