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4:05 p.m. - 2006-04-12

Brain hurts, don't make me go there

My Personal Dna Report


Again I find myself lying in bed in the dark thinking of wonderful topics to write about. However, in the morning all is lost, and my mind is back to scrambling for words to string together.

So instead … I can only let you know that my new job has been coming along well. I’m uber exhausted when I get home at night, but it’s a good exhausted. My mind is tired from all the re-wiring that’s going on. I’ve been in and around this office for more than 8 years. I know the people, I know the timing, I know the events, I know where things are, but I tell ya - switching from “Family and Children’s Ministry” to the “Executive Pastor” admin work is a doozey! My brain hurts, and I don’t want to see another budget for a long long time.

No … wait …. I like doing budgets. I like this kind of brain work. I like doing Admin. This move was a hugely good thing!!! It’s just another change, and ya’ll know I don’t do change well.

Just one more day, and we’ve got an extra long weekend ahead of us.

Happy Wednesday!!!

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