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11:57 a.m. - 2006-03-23

Pulling up Roots!!??

Our love for our jobs, for my husband and I, is a little negligible. So much so, the he is beginning to entertain the thoughts of looking elsewhere for work. “Elsewhere” possibly being Silicone Valley (California), or Ontario (Canada).

As stated many times here in D-land – I am not good with change. The thought of uprooting myself from a place I’ve lived in for 22 years – scares the heck out of me.

Hubby on the other hand has a “bring it on!” attitude.

With his Masters in Computer Science – he can pretty much write his own ticket. And I don’t mean to seem boastful, but his area of expertise is in demand.

I have a brother who lives in the other side of San Francisco Bay, and would love to have us come live down in that neck of the woods. It’s one thing to visit the states; it’s completely something else to think of living there. No offence to my many US friends, I pretty much feel the same about moving to any country other than staying in Canada.

However, that being said – the thought of starting out fresh sounds rather exciting too. New work (hubby would have to take care of me, because I wouldn’t be able to legally work), new church, new community, new starts, making/meeting new friends. I know I wouldn’t be able to let my hands go lacking for long. I would most assuredly volunteer somewhere, probably in whatever home church we would find.

I suppose another item that would be a positive is that I hadn’t thought of is I would have something to write about here AND I’d still have you all as a familiar base. Believe it or not, that gives me great comfort.

For now, this is all up in the air. It most definitely won’t be happening tomorrow, but may be a reality within the next six months. Oh My!

We’ll see what God’s got to say about all this. Cause’ you know me well enough to know that He is my first resource for direction and answers.

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