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9:44 a.m. - 2006-03-09

Fence Sitter or Indian Chief

I’m sitting at my desk looking for ways to procrastinate and be distracted and I came across this definition of Mugwhump (via a g00gle search of “Mugwhump”).

It was a wit’s observation during the 1884 campaign that a Mugwhump was a fence sitter, with a big mug on one side and his whump (or rump) on the other.

Well I don’t know who ‘wit’ is. I don’t know what the 1884 campaign was. I’m definitely NOT a fence sitter, or a ‘he’. But there’s something about a ‘mug’ and a ‘whump’ that rings a bell.

However, my Concise Oxford Dictionary says:
Mugwump - n. Amer. a person who remains aloof or independent, especially from party politics.
Origin of the word: from Algonquian
mugquomp 'great chief'.

I need say no more.

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