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9:04 a.m. - 2006-02-16

A None Entry about Weather

OK, so yesterdays entry was completely lame a_s. I should be disbarred from Diaryland, but then I'd only move to blogspot ....

Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere.

Sometimes I amaze myself that I manage to write several paragraphs on days when I think I have nothing, AND the topic I do chose is blind-folded out of a magicians top hat.

Today is probably no different.

The weather - yes - I'll chat incessantly about a complete surface subject ....

I visited the Environment Canada weather website this morning. I've always been very happy, and somewhat proud of the fact that I live in a part of Canada that basically escapes the wilds of winter. When we have that 15 minutes of snow - the world stops to laugh at us.

But tonight - tonight with wind chill factors in it is supposed to go down to -15 (C). I think that's equal to around 5 degrees farenheit. That's pretty darn cold for these parts.

I had to laugh thought as I was watching the news out of Seattle last night. They were completely goin on about the "Big Freeze Storm" that was coming. You'd better batten down the hatches, stow away your gear, and make sure to hord all food and water. This is going to be a horrible storm!

P U L E E E E E E Z Z Z !!!!

Sometimes I think the people that have always lived on the west coast in these parts should reside for a winter in Winnipeg or Alaska's far north. We ain't seen winter EVER like those places.

Even with the "BIG FREEZE" coming, its no cause for panic, or looting in the streets.


I think I've squeeze just about enough cynicism for one day.

But if you never hear from me after today - come look for me and bring your blow-torch!

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