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4:09 p.m. - 2006-02-12

Early Goodwill and stuff

It's Sunday afternoon, all in all it's been an OK weekend. Quiet, somewhat relaxed, mostly sunny, got some much needed cleaning done, some photo's taken (check out Flickr), finished one book and started another . . . yes, I think it's safe to say its been a good weekend.

On Friday night I started to post our couch on a free website here in Victoria to sell used items. We've been wanting to get rid of it for some time. A 'timely' e-mail arrived and I had a brain-cramp of an idea - why don't we offer the couch to this e-mail friend.

Sure enough - she took the bait. Now we've just got to work on finding the truck to haul it, and pick up the one we've been given from another friend.

Oh I long for the day when we no longer furnish our home in early goodwill. Just ONCE in my life I'd like to buy some brand new furniture.

Speaking of second hand ... I made the mistake fortune of coming across one of our local library branches having a book sale today. I seriously scored, and now I need to go look over my new (to-me) treasures.

Happy Reading everyone!

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