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11:29 a.m. - 2006-02-07

Get connected

Sometimes when I know I have a new ‘toy’ coming, or event happening I get so excited. I love the thrill of the anticipation. (This is not to say that I’m always a particularly patient person when waiting for the things.)

One of the things that I’ve been in anticipation with is we were switching telephone providers. In British Columbia you have very little choice for landlines. In fact, until now, you’ve really only had one. And that ONE has left many of us with very sour tastes in our mouths. But recently our local cable TV provider has stepped up to the plate and had devised a way to have telephone through them.

We (hubby and me) decided to make the switch. One of the determining factors was that it allows us free long distance anywhere in Canada or the US – anytime of the day, anywhere in Canada and US. In the past we’ve been reticent to make long distance phone calls because of the charges. Now … the world is my oyster, or at least my immediate world.

I’ve been very excited about making this switch. I immediately began to plan who I was going to call first. How long I could talk to them, and how frequently I could stay in touch. My heart was giddy with anticipation.

Well, we had the formal switch over a week ago yesterday …. I couldn’t make my first call. We had the silly service installed for almost a week before I could pick up the phone and hit that first “1”.

I was paralyzed in my digit dialling fingers. I had lived in the anticipation for what felt like forever (truth be told only 2 weeks), and my moment had arrived. I couldn’t make that first call. I didn’t know whom to call first. Time factored in, as some of my friends are 3-5 hours ahead of us. I couldn’t call them because it would be calling to late in their day. I couldn’t call anyone geographically closer because that seemed to easy.

I was riding the horns of a dilemma.

My first furtive attempt was met with no answer, and no answering machine (her power was out). My second attempt was in the middle of dinner, which I promised to call later at a more convenient time. My third and final (for that day) attempt was to my In-laws, and I realized that we very rare initiate phone calls with them. My mom-in-law was happy to hear from me, and we chatted happily for several minutes.

I am somewhat over my hesitancy to call. And it will take a little time to get my head back into a space that says its OK to talk long distance and at length. Now I’ve just got to get in the habit of thinking of my east coast friends earlier in my day – and make those calls.

What fun!

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