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7:12 p.m. - 2006-02-05

The Calm After The Storm

The wild storm that hit our coast is over. Today (Sunday) is still overcast, but it is not windy and it is not rainy.

I knew shortly after church, that I HAD to get out and go for a walk. Ever since getting my new camera in December I've been itching to go and explore. And I did - today.

I called a friend and said "Hey, ya wanna go for a walk? Ya wanna go explore Ross Bay Cemetary with me and my digital???"

She said "Yes", and off we went.

It was awesome. I've been away from photography for several years. Different interests took over, camera's not working properly, and no money to fix it. So my photographic eye was a little rusty.

As we walked amongst the gravestones I constantly marvelled and re-remembered the vast difference between what the lens sees, and what the brain tells you the eye sees. It became apparent to me quickly that I needed to get back in the saddle and renew my old love.

I've updated my Flickr account with some of the 50 some odd pictures I took. I really need to relearn composition and balance. But I'm also very pleased with what I did take.

It felt great to be out in a part of the city I haven't visited in a long time. I used to live just a block and a half from the Ross Bay Cemetary and it was often a place I went too when I needed some inner quiet. There is something about cemetary's that I find very quieting. This particular cemetary is approximately 150 years old. There are many long forgotten souls barried here, mingle what seems haphazardly amongst more recent passings. Ross Bay Cemetary is also the resting place of some of the most famous and infamous of Victoria's history. But that is for someone elses telling.

I enjoyed my walk today, and will not dwell on my reasons for not doing it more often. All I do know is that I'm very pleased to rekindly my love of some visual arts.

And if anyone can tell me how I can get different pictures to show up on my Flickr hot button here, I'd sure like your help.

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