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2:22 p.m. - 2006-02-02

Silly things make me happy

As many of you know I am a HUGE fan of the TV show Gilmore Girls. Well... I'm rooting around in the internet looking for things to put into the next edition of our "Family and Children's Ministry Newsletter" due out next week.

Side note: Around here we generally refer to our ministry as "F&CM", but if you say F&CM too fast, and/or in front of people who don't know what you're talking about ... they somehow think you're swearing. Go figure!"

I digress ...

I was delighted to find out that Lauren Graham (Loralie Gilmore) and I have more than wit and good looks in common ... we share the same birthdate!!! How cool is that?

Ok, if any of you are shaking your head and wondering what I'm talking about ... just never mind, and write me up as a lunatic who grasps at straws to idealize her TV fav's.

OH...OH...OH... Survivor starts tonight TOOOOOO!!!!

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