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2:41 p.m. - 2006-01-20

Thank you Friday!

I am so thankful its Friday. I fell asleep at a decent time last night for the first time in many, but getting up this morning felt like I was getting up at 5am. I even questioned my alarm when it went off.

I can, and will sleep in tomorrow. The hubby is going out early for a men’s breakfast thing at the church. I will the take over the entire bed, and love doing it!

We are not ones to overtly social …. Actually – strike that. My husband is not one to be overtly social. He is king of his domain, and likes being at home and not sharing it with the outside world (with the exception of myself that is). However, tonight we will be having the church’s Youth Intern and his wife over. This, I am looking forward to immensely. They are a fun, young couple who like playing games just like T and I do.

I think we’ve got some serious Mario Party gaming on the GameCube to do tonight. What fun!!!

And that about wraps it up. At present the sun is shining, and I believe that I need to take advantage of it and a Friday afternoon and run some “errands” for the church. Ya… that’s what I’m gonna do!

Happy Weekend one and all.

P.S. Oh ya, I’m going to try to share my Flickr account with you, please let me know if this works.

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