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3:36 p.m. - 2006-01-10

Bed Sheet Etiquette

My husband and I have an ongoing … battleargument…discussion on the merits of proper bed sheet etiquette. This being a regular start-up conversation for many a late night chat.

He is a staunch believer that once one is in bed that the bed sheet be neatly folded over the duvet top by approximately six to 10 inches. And only once this is achieved, can one get comfortably bedded down for the night.

I on the other hand, feel that the edge of the duvet and the edge of the bed sheet be all equally harrumphed together. No overlapping, only balanced, messy, equality before one can reach quiet of heart to relax and eventually sleep.

Obviously we have reached diverse opinions on the propriety of these two world thoughts. My theory is that by garnering a jumbled effect, it will confuse the bedbugs that creep up at night. The bedbugs attempts to gain entrance to the warmer regions within the bedding is hampered by the mountainous lumps of many folds. Where as with my husband gallant yet foolhardy neatness of sheet and duvet give direct access to his neck and then paths leading to the inner recesses.

He maintains that the bedbugs travel silently on top of the duvet, and then get fooled by the fold and then take direction to my side of the bed, and crumpled sheets. This giving them immediate access. I maintain the gremlins are not so easily fooled and jump the minor level of material and onwards to their goal.

I am thankful that we don’t disagree on stronger issues. It would surely turn into a more serious battle of wills.

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