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4:09 p.m. - 2006-01-06

Expected Anticipation

This morning while I was reading my devotions, in my bleary eyed, more sleep needed state I read the phrase “Expect a miracle every day! … why not tell Jesus that you will live in expectations of him miraculously breaking into your day, today!”

My mind stuck on two words – expect & expectations.

Actually, when I read ‘expectations’ I somehow transfigured it to more of a meaning of anticipation. Like before Christmas – we live in anticipation or expectations of Christmas during Advent. There is an excitement around those words for me. But what struck me this morning is the way the world views - Jesus/God and expect and expectations. When not so nice things happen on earth people (the general populace) expect God to show up and deliver. Deliver them out of the situation. Deliver different news than what is around them. But these same people don’t live in the ‘expectations’ or ‘anticipation’ of his daily miracles and blessings, yet ‘expect’ Him to show up when they want Him.

But when things are all moving along fine we tend not to give the creator much notice, or praise.

Now I know that many of you readers don’t necessarily have the same belief system I do, and that’s … ok (even if I disagree), but I do get so tired of the world blaming God for all the wrong, but never giving thanks where thanks is due.

But that a whole other entry.

I just don’t think that we live in ‘expectation’ or ‘anticipation’ of the new day(s) in front of us. Each day we wake up is a miracle in its own little self. How cool is that? All I know for sure is that I don’t live each moment to its fullest. I haven’t a clue what it is I’m waiting for. No one is going to grab life by the horns FOR me, only I can do that.

What about you? Does any of this entry make sense?

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