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10:58 a.m. - 2005-12-30

Quieter than normal

Iím sure glad my fingers are working, because my voice box isnít. I sound like the sexiest, chain-smoker youíll ever meet. I suppose Iím getting off lucky because the hubby has a wicked cold that had him completely laid out.

Iím at work today. There are only two of us in the building - the facilities guy, and me. Talk about quiet. The phone has wrung a total of 4 times and each time its been a staff member calling in just to hear me talk.

Our travels to Jasper were relatively uneventful. We had good roads coming from Jasper. That is until we hit Kamloops (central BC), and it was the strangest thing. Coming into to Kamloops was clear, but slight overcast. But gradually as we left the highway rises in elevation and we went from clear to light showers to heavy showers to slushy snow to big fluffy snow. All that in a matter of about two miles. There is an infamous highway between Kamloops and Hope; itís called the ďCocahallaĒ. This piece of highway will test the best drivers abilities in the winter. To prove my point we must have passed at least 10 accidents, flipped cars, and spinouts. Funny though, for a well known testing of ones driving skills, one must ask why one would consider driving a yellow 1980ís something Camero in the middle of winter with not good tires. Combine that ill-fated vehicle with pulling a boat, and youíve got a recipe for stupidity. Can you spell R-E-D-N-E-C-K?

(That wasnít nice. I was judging someone based on his or her lack of common sense. Tsk, tsk)

Anyway Ė Mr. Redneck Ahh ... I mean Mr. Yellow Camero was last seen jack-knifed on an upward slope of a hill in the snow and talking to a nice policeman. I hope 2006 treats him well.

And I hope 2006 treats you all well too. Be good to yourselves on New Years Eve and make sure to spend it with someone you care about.

Blessings - LJ

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