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1:50 p.m. - 2005-12-14

Blinding lights and early phone calls

Brrriiinnggg ... brrriiinngg … went our phone at 7:20 am this morning.

Where IS the phone … went my brain at 7:20 am.

Only bad news happens when a phone rings at 7:20 am.

Finding the phone, I answer it groggily “Hello...?”

No reply.

“HeLLO?” a second time from me with a little more insistance.

“Ahhhh... oh ... Is this Lee Valley Tools?” came a vaguely familiar voice.

Groggy no more, a light bulb flashes in my brain “No, but is this my brother?”

Light bulb heard visibly flashing through the long distant line from California “LJ?” came my reply.


Thus started my day. Upon arriving home after taking the dog for a walk this morning, my brother spied a rather large box at their door. Confused and concerned, my brother Beav’ couldn’t located a ‘sender’ on the box, only an unfamiliar phone number. His mind began to conjure up wild scenarios such as – “some one stole my credit card and is sending me the stuff they’ve purchased …”.

It did not occur to him that if anyone had stolen his credit card they probably wouldn’t have had the purchases delivered to his house. I didn’t remind him of this fact.

The Beav’ dialled the unfamiliar phone number thinking it was the business the parcel had been sent from, but got me instead!

Truth be told – in an effort to get a parcel to their home before Christmas I ordered their gifts from one establishment, and that establishment would forward the parcel on the them in the states. I had informed my sister-in-law that a parcel was to be expected. She, on the other hand, chose not to inform the rest of the household.

All in all it was wonderful to chat with my brother this morning, and I was even able to converse with my 18 year old nephew. Whose reply to a certain question warmed the cockles of this old aunts heart. The question, you ask? “Did you receive the birthday card I made and sent you last month?”.

Came back the simple yet embracing answer “Ya – Sweet!”

Ah … the verbose vocabulary of a teen. Nothing makes my heart melt more than to impress a teenager, and a boy!!

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