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8:17 a.m. - 2005-12-13

Christmas Whirrl!!

Oh My!! How quickly time moves when one is off busy doing other things ...

I had the best of intentions of writing an entry on Friday. It was all in my head and ready to go. But I ended my work day with a fight with the laminator, and the laminator got the best of me. I am occasionally known to swear really bad words, this was one of those occasions! Thankfully - there was no one around to hear me.

Saturday was a blurr. What with mandatory seasonal shopping, errands, last minute preparation for my Grade 5 girls, the in-laws arriving (after having been discouraged to do so), T working on the truck, gift purchasing for the variety of gift exchanges one is meant to attend, and actually attending a Christmas party in the evening. Phewww - that was an exhausting day. And to top that one off - we got lost in the nether-worlds of North Saanich and were 35 minutes late for the party. Don't even make me go there!

The 'blurr' continued, and in fact, if I'm honest with myself - I'm still in it. Sunday came and went (and so did the in-laws with a greater understand of "we're busy - it's not a good weekend to come"). I had a little Christmas party with my grade 5 girls. We had cupcakes, Tim-bits (ask a Canadian), cookies, and my favourite part - we watched the "Spongebob Squarepants Christmas" DVD. Sunday afternoon was lunch out with the in-laws, and Christmas tree hunting. I like our tree, although it wasn't T's first choice. It's verging on a "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree - but it looks gorgeous all dressed up. Then of course to top off the weekend - the three hour final of Survivor, of which I could not stay awake for the last 30 minutes. So I threw on the VCR and went to bed.

Monday - oh its history, and here we are at Tuesday. I came in to work early today so that I could up date here.

I'm getting my Christmas cards together to get mailed off. Last year I asked you all - if you wanted a Christmas Card from you're old Muggy then to send me an e-mail and I would love to send you one. I re-instate the offer. I would absolutely love to share my greetings with you. Just say the word - and your address! Don't be shy, make my day!!

Today is busy staff meetingS day, so I must be off!

Blessings - LJ

Post script - I forgot to add that we saw Narnia on Friday night (10pm showing - I was exhausted). It was marvelous - even if we had to sit 4 rows from the scree, and the largest screens in the city.
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