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8:26 a.m. - 2005-12-06

Comments, Christmas, and To-Do lists

It's Tuesday and my week as already started off rocky. I still haven't been able to solve my commenting problem. Thanks to Ricky I've been introduced to Haloscan. However, I haven't been feeling well enough to spend the time to figure it out. The best that I could do at this time was sign myself up. WhewwWhoo!

On a positive note - we purchased my Christmas gift on Sunday afternoon!!! A digital camera for me!! Yay!! And much like the above paragraph - I just need to feel a little better before getting stuff rolling. I am very excited, and hope that I've made the right choice for me. Since I already have a Flickr account, I'll start to do some sharing.

Time is speeding by way to quickly. Here is my wish list of things that I need to accomplish:
1) finish making the remaining 30 Christmas cards to get them in the mail THIS WEEK!
2) write the "Christmas letter" for said Christmas cards
3) put together the items I need for our portion of the "Adopt A Family Christmas Hamper" that our bible study group is putting together. I have to have this one finished by tomorrow.
4) get Christmas parcels into the mail bound for my Bro's place in California
5) Purchase the above mentioned parcels
6) start pulling out the Christmas decorations for our house, ready for the Christmas tree that will hopefully be bought this weekend.
7) figure out the stupid commenting thing for this page. I'm a comment junkie and I'm missing my fix!

Whewww - I think that covers most of it. At least its a start.

I had the weirdest dream on the weekend, and if I remember, I'll be sharing it later this week. :-)

Some of you may have noticed, but I put a note at the bottom of this page for ways to let me know you've been by for a visit. Please feel free. I really do love to hear from you!!!

Blessings - LJ

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