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4:45 p.m. - 2005-12-01

Thwartless Thursday

Thwartless Thursday . . .

OK, so I'm reaching.

But I did accomplish what I had not expected too!!! I was able to purchase 5 Gingerbread House kits! I'd seen them on sale at a store on the weekend, and reminded myself that I would have to come back after November 31. (I manage the budget for two ministries at the church, and I was keeping a tight rein on quarterly budgeted figures. All that to say - the piggy bank was dry for the end of that spending period.) So I, and a friend ventured back there this morning ... alas ... to find them no more.

Feeling thwarted (see, I knew I could fit that word in somewhere) we returned to the office sans kits. After lunch, however, I tried a new tactic (read: different supplier), and was gratefully suprised to find exactly what I needed.

Now our High School Ministry can go ahead as planned and have their "Christmas Party/Gingerbread House Wars"!!!

Sometimes I'm so canny I suprise myself.

Now, I'm off to home to my warm, dry house. Did I mention it's been snowing again? Yuck!!! Wrong, I tell you! It's just plain wrong!!! But all is apeased as "Survivor" & "CSI" is on tonight. Our two favourite shows.

What will F-F-F-Fridy bring? We shall see.

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