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10:23 a.m. - 2005-11-17

Bon Voyage my petite yellow friend

As many of you know I am a HUGE fan of Spongebob Squarepants. I find his attributes and comedic prowess to be tops. Most of the kids around the church know that on any given day I will have some form Spongebob represented on my person. They love to point him out to me.

Many adults know of my side hobby as well, and back a few months ago a friend thought to add to my silly collection. She gave me a bar of soap. You know the kind, where a plastic figurine is encapsulated in a clear glycerine soap pod. She didn’t believe that I would actually begin to use such a precious memento. I proved her wrong.

Last night as I went into the bathroom to do my pre-bedtime toiletries, I washed my face and in the process noticed that the little plastic figurine was soon to be releases from it slippery encasement. A strange thought crossed my web filled mind – what was this inanimate object thinking as he was slowly being let go from his cocoon. When we’re fast asleep and cosy in our beds does he attempt to loosen his surroundings? Was he excited the day his nose finally poked through its clear yet solid prison and he could breath fresh soapless air again?

Would he run away when the final bits of cleaning agent were washed away? Would we come in one morning to unexpectedly find our soap dish empty and spongeless?

Realizing the hour I shifted from my mental gallopings and gave my head a shake. I laughed off the nonsense of my train of thought and turned to leave the bathroom. With one quick parting side-glance I said goodnight to my yellow friends and I believe with all my heart in that split second – he winked one of his recently unearth wide eyes and waved me farewell.

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