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2:51 p.m. - 2005-10-31

First time for many things

Last year at Halloween we only had a brother / sister team come to our door for candy. I was disappointed. For the previous several years I had always been involved with something we called “Harvest Festival” at our church, and was never home on Halloween evening. T and I were happy to be home for a change, but hoped we’d get more kids.

This year, in hopes of better results, and less candy for T to eat after, I purchased three small pumpkins to take home and carve last night.

I was terribly excited. I LOVE carving pumpkins, and thought this might be a highlight for my hubby too.

To my chagrin … T had never in all his 41 years on this earth carved a pumpkin. I suppose that’s because he grew up on a small island, and ‘door-to-door’ is not common.

After much insistence on my part, he acquiesced, and carved out your basic Jack-O-lantern face on one small pumpkin. I was very proud of his efforts, and I believe he was happy with it too.

After, said carving and lighting (quality control) I washed and salted the seeds in preparation for baking - my next favourite part of Halloween.

Once again – I was stopped in my tracks by my husband’s lack of basic childhood experiences. It was here that he firmly planted his foot down, and would not comply with my excitement over eating freshly roasted pumpkin seeds.

I beseeched, pleaded, and begged him to just try ONE. One small, harmless, yummy, warm roasted seed into his hands …

(Side note: if this seed had been covered in chocolate :: this would have been a different story.)

He begrudgingly took the small seed from my hand, then tried three times to fake me out to thinking he’d eaten it. Finally, popping in his mouth, chewing slightly, he pronounced, “don’t like it!”

This was worse than working with a three year old. None-the-less, I was proud of this day of firsts for my hubby. He’s a trooper!

Have a safe, and happy night!

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