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2:25 p.m. - 2005-10-19

Why Me?

Pre / Post-script - I thank FM and Beth for their fine, complimentary comments. But I really wasn't looking for praise. Heck - I know you guys love me. Who wouldn't? (said with tongue in cheek). What I'd like to know is what draws you towards particular bloggers? What keeps you going back? NOT - what keeps you coming back here. That I truly will never understand. So, for anyone one joined in late - read the following and this pre / post-script will make much better sense.

I don’t know why any of you come here. Really I don’t! I’ve read myself, and frankly I leave me wanting. And that’s not ‘wanting’ as in ‘more’.

However, in the act of asking myself “why would anyone want to read here?” I am forced to ask myself – “Why do I read the diary’s I do?”

Recently I was having a discussion with my boss. I’ll call her BR. BR and I were trying to brainstorm ways to spruce up our “Family and Children’s Ministry” newsletter. What was originally designed to be completely child friendly, has graduated into a news forum for parents, with very small doses of interest for children. We needed our target audience back. We wanted our target audience back. They’re way more fun than the adults anyway!

We asked ourselves – “Why would a child want to take this home?” …. “Why would I, as an adult, want to take this home?” This dominoed me into asking the top two questions about reading blogs.

My immediate thoughts is – comical – someone who has a flair to make me laugh. This is an integral part of why I read a persons blog (for the most part). Then, probably very quickly followed with – well-written – clear, concise – grammatically understandable, but mostly – make me laugh.

And reason is – eye-catching page. For some reason, I am often more intrigued into reading some blogs based on how they’ve designed their page. Which is funny, because mine is far from any of that. I’ve had the same purple up there for a couple of years now. Oh, I’ve had blog-friends (I’m coining a new phrase there) suggest ideas, even offer to help me out. But I’ve never followed through with it. So you’re stuck with purple – for now, and particularly because I won’t go “Gold” again, so you won’t be seeing any pictures in the near future. (I’ve since joined flickr, but haven’t linked).

If I have the time, and desire I will also visit new blogs based on suggestions from people that I read regularly. I figure that if they think that a certain person’s blog is worth reading – then I can try them too. This theory has led me to read many of you. (But as MANY of you know - Laura-Jane is the reason that I’m here in the first place. It’s all her fault – and I love her for it.)

Anyway – I turn the question back to you - what makes you read someone else’s bog? What is it that attracts you?

Send me an e-mail, leave me a comment or note, and I’ll post my findings.

Have a most excellent Wednesday! Blessings - LJ

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