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11:16 a.m. - 2005-10-18

Good things

So ... I handed in my homework assignment yesterday. Remember, I had to work up a list of things I'm good at, at work. I was proud of the work that I'd done it, but was a little nervous talking to my boss about it. I was girding myself up to hear critism, but was greatly pleased as she affirmed me in my findings. Here is the list I handed her:

What am I good at?

- Iím good at seeking God for guidance Ė even how to write this list.

- I am willing to learn.

- I can and will take a facilitator role if one is needed. I am happy to be lead and support that leadership.

- Iím good at organizing

- Iím good at prioritizing the projects that I have on my plate.

- Maintaining, and to some extent monitoring, the continued safety, happy, fun loving environment that the children (and their families) need to be here.

- Iím good at working on/with a team

- I have a very creative personality, and try very hard to put that creativity to good use when creating newsletters, brochures, inserts, etc.

- Iím good with people

- Iím good at maintaining databases and spreadsheets in a concise and orderly fashion. Generally when Iím asked for specific information I am able to easily put my fingers on it. I love to be able to pull #ís and create stats when called to.

- Iím good at taking a project, on and seeing it to completion, whether on a team or non-team approach.

- I am fun to be with (arenít I?)

- I am loyal, and am committed to the Ministry that God has entrusted to me at this time.

Much of this list won't make any sense to you, but that's not the point of me posting it here. Here, is a relatively public, accessible, accountable place that I can go to for reminders. And I need reminding!

Basically - its important to me.

I hope to get back to some regular blogging soon. On an overview of my week:

1) 7pm tonight - Pre-Annual General Meeting for the church. As 'staff' I'm encouraged to attend.

2) 9pm tonight - Amazing Race. Can't miss that!

3) 10pm tonight - Gilmore Girls - must remember to set up VCR.

4) Noon Wednesday - lunch with a friend who has 3 noisy children. Twin boys who are 3 and one girl who is 5. This should be interesting.

5) 2pm Wednesday - meeting with some representatives from Canadian Food for the Hungry. We are working out some ideas for initiatives with our church and Belo, Ethiopia.

6) 3:30 Thursday - meeting with Miss A. (see Mentor / Dementor entry).

7) 7pm Thursday - Stampin' Up party and a friends place. I get to play, play, play and spend, spend, spend!

8) 8pm Thursday - make sure husband tapes Survivor.

Well - that pretty much sums up my week. Hopefully there is nothing major on for the weekend.

Truthfully that's not all that busy a week, but it is full.

Have a great one yourselves!! - LJ

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