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8:34 p.m. - 2005-10-15

A semi-typical Saturday

Saturday, October 15th

- Slept in until 9:30

- had not ambition until closer to 10:30

- changed mind and stayed on couch until 11:15

- Showered and changed into acceptable public wear

- 12 noon: went to scrapbook store and spent too much

- 1:00 arrived home to find husband had fumigated house with paint and varsol for model trains

- husband was high

- 1:15 took husband to bank

- spent 1 hour 45 minutes with bank rep, just to get husband on account

- 3:00 came home and crafted card for father-in-laws birthday tomorrow, and boiled some eggs for lesson plan for Grade 5 girls for Sunday. Almost burnt the house down because I forgot I put the pot on the stove.

- 5:15 ordered pizza

- 5:45 ate pizza

- 6:30 - 8:30 worked on books with husband

- 8:37 wrote lousy entry

- 8:40 said . . . Good Night

Another exciting entry from an old married person. Thrilling day huh? LOL!

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