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4:37 p.m. - 2005-10-11

Watching Video's until our eyes bleed

Thanksgiving weekend turned out a little different that we’d planned. Starting with Thursday morning I woke up with a migraine (so what else is new?). However, instead of getting the crap beat out of it by my wonder drug Maxalt - it managed to stay through the weekend including my holiday Monday. YUK POO!

We had the best of intentions of making it up to Nanaimo to my In-Laws place for Sunday, but come Saturday night we knew that I wasn’t going to be in any condition to travel on the back of a motorcycle for this 1 ˝ trip, and quite possibly in the rain. For T – it was the rain that convinced him.

Instead, we head a lovely (albeit head challenging) weekend of doing very little. Very few errands. Very few outings. Very few contacts with the outside world (with the exception of me dyeing my hair red again on Friday night, followed by a much needed hair cut on Saturday) And believe me when I tell you, that we both agreed we needed this ‘downtime’ more than we’d realized.

On an upside – we rented several movies over the course of the weekend. For starters we rented Robots. I loved this animation film, and have no hesitation in recommending it for the whole family. T is not such a fan of the animation style, but I’d say he’d enjoyed this one too. They have come such a long way with ‘cartoons’. They’re nothing like we had as kids. You feel the movies so much more, now. I often find that I forget I’m watching a “cartoon”, and that’s fine by me. I also have a habit if trying to figure out whose voices are behind the characters. T hates it when I tell him whom I’ve figured out, so I just don’t do that anymore. I pleasantly keep the info to myself, wait patiently until the ending credits, and applaud myself when I’ve got the answer correct.

Next on our viewing calendar was Forgotten. This movie left me feeling kind of flat. When I’d initially heard about this movie I thought we were talking some kind of government conspiracy. I was wrong. I’m not a keener for alien abduction movies. Although – this one did hold my attention – until the ‘alien’ part was brought into the story line. I did feel that it had some good acting. Beyond that, I can’t say much.

Our video rentals continued to The Upside of Anger. I was very interested in seeing this movie, but this too fell kind of flat with me. I found the entire plot to move very slowly. The acting was great; it just didn’t hold my attention. I was a little surprised by the end of the movie. It only managed to raise more questions that were left unanswered. I really enjoy Kevin Costner (I know, I’m in the company of a limited few) movies – even Waterworld, but I found that this character was much like the lead in Tin Cup. Don’t get me wrong – I really liked ‘Tin Cup’, but the sorry-ass has-been sports personality doesn’t have long play with me.

I will leave you with these reviews for today. Tomorrow (hopefully) I will fill you in on the next two that we’ve already watched, and one more that we’ve got to get in tonight. And for all you Gilmore Girl fans – don’t worry – I won’t miss my GG. Even if I have to tape it.

Blessings - LJ

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