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4:40 p.m. - 2005-09-28

Exhibitionist, dreamers, and me

We did an unusual thing on the weekend. Well, maybe that isn’t entirely true. We did something new to me, but old hat to T.

We went to a Model Train show on Sunday.

Did you know that there are 5 basic model sizes? The smallest being “O” gauge (about an inch in height). And if I recall correctly – the largest (short of being able to sit on it) is “G” scale and this gauge is generally the size of train that people (model train people) put outside in their gardens. “G” scale is close to a foot in height.

The one thing that I noted while meandering around the show was the type of demographics of people that surrounded me. You have your basic bored housewife – that’s me – with just enough enthusiasm to make it through the first hour without wanting to run for home or go shopping instead.

You have your basic child, with minimal vocabulary of “Gimme”, “I want…”, and the occasional total assault tantrum mixed in.

Grandma and Grandpas lightly spiced throughout. Generally in attendance to keep the above mentioned tantrums in check.

Last but not least is the model train enthusiasts themselves. These folk were heavily distributed everywhere. Now, when it comes to this particular species of human, the packaging has two basic levels. Those that are married and have wives that keep them in reality, and those that are not married and really need to check into the Reality Supermarket and pick themselves up a heaping bag of personality.

I realize that sounds a bit harsh, and judgemental, but these men really need to get their noses out from their glue tubes, and breath some fresh air. Grown men wearing engineer’s overalls and train caps, glazed looks of complete euphoria on their faces. And that’s not even the exhibitors! That’s the general public!

And then there’s my man . . . like a kid in a candy shop he wanted one of everything. Great heaving sighs of unfulfilled longing were frequently emitted, all for a basement, or garage, or space to build the large layout being constructed in his mind. Thankfully we discussed potential purchases before we left the house, and I agreed with him %100 that a purchase was definitely in order, but some parameters were needed – a “reasonable” budgeted allotment.

Of course, all the while discussing this matter with T, in the back of my mind was the knowledge that I was attending Rubber Stamping Party next month. You can be darn sure that I would be purchasing fun things for my hobby as well. How much rope can we each give, and still not hang our financial obligations?

A rough sum was agreed upon.

As I got into the mode of what I was seeing, I began to see things through my husband’s eyes. Don’t worry; this is not going to turn into the hobby for me. But I began to look for specific items that I knew he was looking for. I admired the layouts that had obviously taken many, many man-hours of labour to create down to their finest detail. The one thing I do revere and respect about this particular aspect of the hobby is the extreme attention to detail. It is the enthusiasts dream, and drive to be as ‘to scale’ as possible. And the results are amazing. I doff my Engineer’s Cap to them.

We managed to get away with a modicum of purchases having been made. I now know how much leeway I have when faced with the next crafting/rubber stamping purchase possibility.

Oh the mind dreams on . . . . .

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